Smartphone Technician Cum App Tester

During the six months duration of Smartphone Technician cum App Tester trade a candidate is trained on professional skills and professional knowledge related to job role. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted to undertake project work and Extra-Curricular Activities to build up confidence. The broad components covered related to the trade are categorized in six months duration as below:- The trainee begins with learning first aid, fire fighting and various safety practices for working in industry environment. Identifies and checks different electronic components used in mobiles phone and understand their working. He does practicals on soldering/ de-soldering, understands different sections and circuits of mobile phones starting with basic GSM and CDMA sets. Understands various concepts and technologies used in basic mobiles, smartphone and tablets. The Trainee learns to disassemble/ assemble smartphones, identify defects and practices on replacement of different components viz., mic, speaker, connectors, ICs, camera, display, etc. He does practicals on OS installation, reboot procedure, password cracking, Removes virus, perform installation of firmware, encryption/ decryption, use of third party software, flash different android dead phones, etc. The trainee learns to troubleshoot Software problems using internet, backup data, update and provide hard drive solutions. He also learns mobile app testing to verify functionality of mobile applications on Android/ iOS platforms, performs mobile app Security to find and fix mobile app security flaws, ensures prevention of malware and data theft and Troubleshoot Mobile Applications Performance.


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Level 3



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